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Transformation of a superior and innovative idea into a profitable product is challenging. AltaSource helps transform your vision into a reality through our elite software development service.

Software Project Engagements

When a company wants its software development project to be delivered within clearly defined parameters like time frames, established budgets, fixed outcomes, etc., a project-based engagement is the best way to commission work with AltaSource or any other developer resource. A company gains an added level of assurance from such an arrangement, as a client's risk becomes deferred to AltaSource or another provider.

However, project-based engagements require an added level of understanding of a client's desires to ensure that the design, the construction, and ultimately the delivery meets specifications. AltaSource brings many years of expertise spanning a wide spectrum of technologies and industries. AltaSource uses a combination of both its U.S. and its nearshore resources to deliver software projects which are consistently delivered on time at lower costs than our clients might receive from other software development providers.

Project Assessment

Engaging AltaSource Group for a project assessment is a smart decision - especially when companies don't already have their software development product requirements detailed. With an Assessment document, a company will know what components (such as utilities and features) will be needed for the project and how those pieces will have to work together in order to accomplish the goals of the software development project.

An Assessment document can be created from a set of user "use case scenarios", requirement specifications which the project outcome will provide its users, or stories about experiences that a user would get from interacting with the software product.

If a company appoints AltaSource Group to provide them with an assessment, we'll perform a Discovery Process which will help determine the scope of what the company needs from its software development project. This Discovery will include interviews with project stakeholders, and surveys designed to ascertain what components must to be acquired or integrated, and what will need to be built, and why. We will then determine how those various factors affect the scope, scale, resources and time needed to deliver on the customers' software project.

Finally, AltaSource Group will deliver to our client a detailed specification of what the company needs from each software development resource to accurately deliver on their software project outcome. This allows the client to shop its software project to whatever software development resources it chooses, knowing that each software development vendor will have a clear idea of what the company needs. This process provides transparency into our process and gives the company stakeholders piece of mind.

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